Who we are

dostories365 is a boutique company that specializes in the production of authentic stories, in high quality for television, for digital platforms and for festivals. We take you into the worlds of different people, lives and cultures through authentic films and discussions, which appeal to a wide range of audiences. We are proud to develop significant contents that echo within the audience, while adapting to the new ways of engaging the growing digital audiences. The films allow the entry of different items to the media, PR, an advancement through the film in the eyes of the public sector. For foundations and organizations: Creating a feeling of empathy to the donor, the films might be used for differentiation, social branding, fundraising events, conferences, presentation meetings, fundraising and more.

Our Story

dostories365 was founded by Tsipi Karlik, entrepreneur and documentary developer, who has been in the production of authentic stories for years, which is based on curiosity and the love of people –discussions, filming and the development of unique stories are the most meaningful way to allow change, and to show the culture of a specific place: through a conversation and the documentation of its people. This mix which combines the love and curiosity for people and the attraction to change and help, constitutes the basis of dostories365 – talking about values, the vision on which dostories365 is based connects and brings different populations in the Israeli society closer together through documentary films and series. The story creates a human connection even if there is no physical encounter between the parties.

The Team

Our team consists of different and talented photographers/cameramen,
editors and translators, who are carefully chosen according to each project’s needs and style.